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Library Barcode Scanning
Scan book titles and patron ID cards

Genovation mini-terminals are a perfect fit for reading library title bar codes printed on books and and patron barcodes printed on ID cards. The MiniTerms are fitted with an excellent quality front-firing visible red beam and the keypad can be used for manual number entry. Forgot your student ID card? No problem, just type your ID # in.

Follett Software Company, a division of Follett Corporation, is a respected name in education, known initially for building the nation’s school libraries beginning in 1874.

Today Follett uses experience and expertise in library automation and materials as a launching pad for an expanding portfolio of information and resource management tools and solutions.

Destiny Library Manager™ combines circulation, cataloging, searching, reporting and management in one centrally installed library software system. Your students and faculty patrons access the system through any workstation with a supported web browser, through your district’s network and the Internet. Destiny Library Manager is an easy-to-use, web-based library automation and management solution.

Genovation’s MiniTerm 905 family is ideally suited to library applications whether it be a school, university or municipal library. MiniTerms come with standard RS-232 serial cables and USB cables. They speak RS232, virtual-serial-over-USB (Virtual COM) and USB Keyboard (HID).