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Do you need help fighting fake student IDs or PINs? We can defeat human errors (typos) and fraudulent activity by showing you how to implement easy security features in choosing your ID numbers. You implement our ID number system and we can check the validity of the ID number right at the keypad! Email us for more information.

Cybersoft PrimeroEdge is a leading provider of software solutions to Child Nutrition Departments in K-12 school districts and State Agencies across the nation. Our product, PrimeroEdge, is an end-to-end solution which addresses all business operation needs for school food service. We are a fast-paced, rapidly expanding company (with a small company feel) located in Houston, Texas.

School Food Service Solution – LunchBox

LunchBox is a comprehensive and exciting food service software solution for K-12 school systems. Across America, cafeteria managers, food service directors, financial officers and state-level administrators agree that LunchBox is a user-friendly, cutting-edge technology that gives peace of mind regarding compliance and confidence that operations are being efficiently and profitably run. LunchBox has it all!

Point-Of-Sale Software Solutions –

Whether your food service operation is large or small, Comalex has a POS product designed with your needs in mind. Our products will automate your sales, reports, Free and Reduced Meal Applications, and State Claims for Reimbursement. Automated POS systems save time and increase participation and profits.

Café Enterprise – Point-Of-Sale Software Solution designed for a server-client oriented network with fiber optic connectivity between facilities, where data is shared throughout the district.

Café Terminal – Point-Of-Sale Software designed for districts without highspeed connectivity between facilities. Data is shared through a server on the network within the facility.

Café Central – Central Office Software used to retrieve data from multiple Point-Of-Sale (POS) facilities and manage Café Terminal databases. Communication is accomplished with Windows® Networking, Microsoft NetMeeting®, or Symantec’s pc ANYWHERE®.

The smart way to manage your cafeteria and point of sale…

A fast, fun, and futuristic alternative to cafeteria management and Point-of-Sale! MCS’s WinFSCM© successfully manages and tracks students meals, (reimbursable and full-paying) and provides schools with a user-friendly check-out-line style POS complete with student information and a photo! MCS POS can read magnetic strips and barcodes on the student’s ID card, thus making long lines and headaches on the line a thing of the past. No more multi-sold reimbursable meals! Imagine being able to successfully track your á la carte items as well as all of your hot lunches.

To configure a Genovation 904 MiniTerm on Win XP for use with WinFSPS, please see this video (3.6MB).

Horizon Software International, LL

MealpayPlus helps your district reduce cash handling, increase participation and reduce the amount of time spent processing pre-payments. Parents can make pre-payments anytime using a simple Internet connection, by telephone or at district kiosks. And, it’s not just for meals anymore. Now parents can use MealpayPlus to pay for meals plus school fees such as field trips, athletics, band, yearbooks and more.

LunchTime Software, LLC 

Our software can save many hours of data collection and compilation, maximize your meal reimbursement dollars and minimize the time spent on managing student account information.

eTritionWare is a leader in school child nutrition accountability systems. We have the most experience of any company in the industry, with over 35 years of service. Products include Point of Service, Free & Reduced Applications, USDA-approved Menu Planning, Inventory, and Online Payments with parental controls. Combined with personalized onsite service and legendary technical support, eTritionWare provides a complete turnkey package. No school is too small and no school district is too large to benefit from a Meal Tracker® or eTrition® accountability system.

Meals Plus is a complete, centralized, integrated cafeteria technology system backed by the very best customer support in the business. Serve meals, manage your back office, accept meal payments on the web, track federal reimbursements, plan USDA approved menus, scan handwritten Free & Reduced applications, and keep up with efficiency and profitability. With Meals Plus you can automate your entire operation front to back. Developed, distributed and supported by Education Management Systems, Inc. exclusively for the Pre K-12 school environment, Meals Plus has over 2,000 installations in large and small districts in 27 states.

MiChoice Technology Systems is a software solutions provider servicing the public school food service industry. We produce first-rate, leading-edge solutions at affordable prices from Touch Screen Point Of Sale Systems to simple Inventory Management programs. All our products are designed for ease of use and functionality, for both management and front-line personnel. We back up all our products with outstanding on-site installation, telephone help desk, and on-site support teams.

When knowledge, experience, compliance, support, and cutting-edge technologies are important, look to Meal Magic Corporation for the software solutions you need for your food service department. At Meal Magic Corporation, we have been helping schools modernize their cafeterias for over 25 years, so you can be confident you are making a great choice when you select our products.

School Lunch Systems is the authorized MealTime dealer for the state of Texas.

Schools of all sizes can benefit from the great MealTime products and support!

For more Information: Please call 877.996.9035 or info@SchoolLunchSystems.com

Campus Food Service is an extension of Infinite Campus student information system (SIS). It streamlines cafeteria operations when establishing food service accounts, tracking food purchases and designing flexible menu layouts. Campus Food Service improves the efficiency of all food service employees through an easy-to-use point-of-sale option while simplifying all reporting, especially state reporting.

TITAN’s web-based school nutrition solutions make your operations stronger, more effective and efficient. We provide simple straight-forward, yet comprehensive management and communications tools with a revolutionary, all-inclusive subscription model. Budget-friendly, transparent pricing begins right here.