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Time & Attendance

Applications: Time & Attendance
Payroll, Job Cost, Punch-in/Punch-out, Daycare, Child Care, Student Tracking

Touch Pad PC – Timekeeping Device

The IntelliTime Touch Pad turns any networked PC with a USB or serial port into a timekeeping device. The Touch Pad is controlled by an IntelliTime program that loads on the Touch Pad PC. This program controls the Touch Pad, collects punches and sends them silently in the background to the IntelliTime server for posting to the user timecard.

The Intellitime Touch Pad reads bar code badges to control the Punch In and Out of multiple employees from a single device. Since no separate and expensive electrical power or network connection is required, the Touch Pad is the most economical and simple timekeeping device to deploy to multiple locations. The Touch Pad program consumes less than 1% of the local PC CPU power so the user on the attached PC does not even notice the Touch Pad is running in the background.

Genovation iCount
Track Classroom, Bus Attendance and Field Trip Attendance

If you need to do a headcount for a bus trip or a classroom, iCount is the perfect solution. The Genovation iCount is a combination pinpad/ID card reader that is perfect for tracking students, attendees, employees or seniors during field trips, seminars, conferences or classes.

  • No child left behind.
  • Perfect for field trips and bus trips (powered from the cigarette lighter).
  • Keep track of student attendance or other personnel.
  • Easy count IN and OUT of bus or room.
  • Increases security and reduces liability.
  • No expensive software, very easy to use.
  • Download simple report to any PC after trips via USB keyboard port.

For more information see our iCount Product Preview page.
To place an order, call or email Chris in sales.